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October 2017 Kim Feddersen's Lesson in Light
September 2017 Dendrobiums and Biogeography
July 2017 Barkeria: A Genus Worth Considering
June 2017 Lumping and Splitting: what have the taxonomists done for us lately?
May 2017 Notes on Deciduous Orchids
April 2017 March Show Ribbons
March 2017 Announcements
February 2017 Sobralia: A Central and South American Genus Worth Trying
December 2016 Chinese Cymbidiums, with Richard Ho
November 2016 Fall Show and Sale Ribbon Winners
October 2016 Why I Grow what I Grow, with President Ruth Nattras
September 2016 Bringing Your Orchids Inside
July 2016 Silva’s Orchids: A Family’s Commitment to Growing Quality Plants from Seed
June 2016 Mechanical Damage
May 2016 Combatting "The Dwindles"
April 2016 MHOS Show Ribbon Winners 
March 2016 Temperature Tolerant Orchids for Growers in the Northeastern USA
February 2016 What is an Orchid?  A botanical explanation.
December 2015 Growing Vandaceous Orchids in the Northeast: Notes from Kim Feddersen's Presentation
November 2015 Blue Orchids
October 2015 Growing Orchids in China 1,000 years ago.; Roots with Greg Griffis: Notes from the Ultimate Culture Talk
September 2015 Bringing Orchids Indoors at the End of Summer
June 2015 Alan Koch's Advice on Brazilian Cattleya Species
May 2015 Summering Orchids Outdoors & Orchid Ensembles, Part I
April 2015 Deciduous Orchids
March 2015 Growing Cold:  Tips for cold-growing orchids
February 2015 Taxonomy Notes, Part III: Sedirea Japonica becomes Phalaenopsis Japonica
January 2015 Taxonomy Notes, Part II:  Taxonomy vs Phylogeny
December 2014 Taxonomy Notes, Part I:  Why Taxonomy?
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October 2014 Business & Announcements
September 2014 Announcements
June 2014 Announcements
May 2014 Neem Oil, by Susan Jones
April 2014 Bus trip!
March 2014 MHOS News
February 2014 Dennis goes to Ecuador! 
January 2014 Repotting without Fear! by Gary Vellenzer
December 2013 I check their leaves, I water their roots...
October 2013 Glass Orchid Art
September 2013 Orchid Apps for your Smart Phone
June 2013 Summer Events
May 2013 Meeting News
March 2013 Temperature Ranges
January 2013 How do YOU grow orchids.
December 2012 Holiday potluck dinner and other events
November 2012 Speaker Larry Desiano President for Deep Cut Orchid Society and Gordon W. Dillon - Richard C. Peterson Memorial Essay Contest
October 2012 MHOS News
September 2012 Diagnosis Day with Lawrence Schweitzer, MD
June 2012 IPA Regional Speakers' Days
May 2012 Orchid Events in the Region
April 2012 Photos of MHOS Spring Show & Sale and New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show
March 2012 Guidelines for Selling at the MHOS Show & Sale. Answer to questions about tree fern fiber.
February 2012 Announcements
January 2012 Oncidium sotoanum Hybrids on our Recent Show Tables, by Isabel Lopatin
December 2011 2012 AOS Calendar to feature Miniature Orchids
November 2011 Checklist for November & December
October 2011 Coelogyne, by John Rashak
September 2011 Cattleya Hybrids, by John Rashak
June 2011 Cattleyas, by John Rashak
May 2011 Orchids and Stress, by John Rashak
April 2011 Problems with Orchid Leaves, by John Rashak
March 2011 Orchid Pests, by John Rashak
February 2011 Seasonal Orchid Care, by John Rashak
January 2011 Temperature Variations, by John Rashak
December 2010 Orchids, Temperature, and Sunlight, by John Rashak
November 2010 Fertilizer, by John Rashak
October 2010 Orchid Seeds Begin Life with the Color Green, by John Rashak
September 2010 I've Got This Orchid - now what do I do? Six easy tips
June 2010 Meristems and Pollination, contrbuted by John Rashak
May 2010 Orchids in time, contrbuted by Deborah Medenbach
April 2010 Orchid Chromosomes, contrbuted by John Rashak
March 2010 Keikis, Stem Sections, and Basal Growths, contrbuted by John Rashak
February 2010 Orchids can propagate vegetatively, contrbuted by John Rashak
January 2010 Diversity of Orchids, contributed by John Rashak
November 2009 Potting Notes, contributed by John Rashak
September 2009 Bringing Orchids Inside, contributed by John Rashak
July 2009 Summering Orchids Outside, contributed by John Rashak
June 2009 Unusual Growing Environments, contributed by John Rashak
May 2009 Orchids'  Natural Tendency to Hybridize, contributed by John Rashak
April 2009 Orchid Flowers, contributed by John Rashak
March 2009 Orchid Roots, contributed by John Rashak
February 2009 Orchid Leaves, contributed by John Rashak
January 2009 Orchid Growth Habits, contributed by John Rashak
December 2008 Orchids: A Mixture of Adventure and Science, contributed by John Rashak
November 2008 Biodiversity of Orchids, contributed by John Rashak
October 2008 Adaptability of Orchids, contributed by John Rashak
September 2008 Terrestrial Orchids, contributed by John Rashak
July 2008 Longevity of Orchids, by Ernest Hethrington
June 2008 Seasonal Orchid Care, from rePot Me.com
May 2008 Calanthe and Caladenia, contributed by John Rashak 
April 2008 News from the Tokyo Dome Show, contributed by Michael Sinn
March 2008 Orchids and the Color Red, contributed by John Rashak
February 2008 Intro to Cypripediums, contributed by John Rashak
January 2008 Interesting notes contributed by John Rashak